Project meeting in Naas / Ireland, June 2022

In addition to creating a variety of people’s stories and sharing non-formal methods for adult education, the colleagues also develop a “treatise” on gender relations in times of society’s divisions. The wars in the world and the various crisis and transformations have impacts on our societies and the power relations between men and women. There is a backlash towards “traditional” work separation and an assumed inferiority of women / superiority of men. There is also a “push” towards more gender equality.

In any case, open discrimination or strategies of making women and their competences invisible occur in daily lives. Especially in surprising moments, women (or men) react according to the pattern “FIGHT, FLIGHT, FREEZE”. Are there other ways possible? The project participants tried them out in exercises on the difference between observing and evaluating, and on addressing needs. Descriptions of them are part of the text “Power. Peace. Poetry. Gender {in}justice in times of polarisation. Instead of a guideline“.