Impact plus?

Meeting in Marseille / France, September 2022

The final meeting of the project participants was dedicated to reflect the activities of the past two years, to discuss the impact on those directly involved (educators, learners), on the organisations, the so-called stakeholders, the system (among them the associated partners at local level). Many positive effects were mentioned:

engaging in dialogue”, “eyes are opened to inequalities in everyday life presumed as normal”, “develop confidence in one’s self as woman”, “self-reflection possibilities”, “new tool for self-expression through the padlet”, “taking part in an online event”, “meeting new people from different backgrounds”, “learning about opportunities of personal development”, “learning languages”, “international/European experience”, “include feminist perspectives in process learning”, “strengthening the “women’s perspective” issue in our organisation” scope of work/support”, “hearing new knowledge and best practise”, “learned to cooperate with professionals from different backgrounds and with different work styles“, and so on.

The feedback followed a feed forward and an exchange on a possible project in the future.