The collage journey

Based in Tallinn, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Berlin, Marseille, and in the Kildare county, we give women’s perspectives a shape. Each group creates a part of a common collage and sends it to another partner by regular post. Currently, two partner organisations participated. The collage creation started in Warsaw. The first part was then sent to Marseille, …

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Public spaces

Streets, places, railway stations, markets, etc. are mainly dedicated to men and dominated by them. For women, public spaces are (often) linked with fear. During this project, women of the participating organisations take pictures of public spaces they use. They reflect their understanding of those areas for the public life of society and politics and …

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Writing stories

The colleagues from the partner organisations and their learners create one common story together. How? Each partner writes one or two paragraphs and leaves the last two sentenses on a common jamboard. At the end we will have a story of end sentenses which we will arrange to a short text and which might provide …

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