Moving, but powerful

We work together very seriously and it is still joyful.” “We don’t just make a project for its own sake, we live it.

Feedbacks on the project’s working meeting in Warsaw from 11th to 13th December 2021 with colleagues from France, Ireland, Germany, Estonia and Poland. Normally, such meetings focus on organisational questions. That is not inspiring per se. So the participants also devoted themselves to the results of the project so far – the joint collage, our “free-style story chain” and the development of a handout for speaking and acting in difficult situations.

The most intense session was about the photos of public spaces and the experiences, associations and thoughts that the participants connected with them. An exchange that was often moving. And at the same time it shed light on the societies in whose context the experiences were made.

This made the meeting an intense encounter. And this in an atmosphere of respect, mutual interest and a desire to put creatie approaches into practise.

It is very encouraging to come together with other women. It helps me not to be isolated.” “I have been learning in every minute when I was here.