What we produce

FREE STYLE STORY CHAIN || COLLAGE JOURNEY || METHOD DESCRIPTIONS || ARGUMENTATION GUIDELINE – discover what we are going to develop during the two years’ cooperation.

Free style story chain

Due to Corona in 2020, the project partners could not meet each other directly. They therefore decided to work on a free style story chain both at local and at transnational level. Find here a description of the method.

Our common story’s focus is on the question: How do I deal with the current situation? Find below the beginning of the transnationally composed text.

Maria checked her appearance once more. Did she seem inviting, but not seductive? Confidence-inspiring, but not naïve? Would she be able to speak well in the foreign language? She was hitchhiking, on the way to the south of Spain. Alone. A test of courage. Simone de Beauvoir and others have also done this. But women are not encouraged to do so. A few cars drove up. She decided on one man in his mid-forties. Heart palpitations. But 300 km of intense and interesting conversation followed. Literally about God and the world. Because the gentleman was a …

During a real meeting, in Warsaw in December 2021, the colleagues presented their long version of the story. What is the result? See the combined stories. More authentic is the audio of the writers which allow to listen … Go here to discover the content.

The short version of the story chain consists of the last two sentences of each partner’s long text. They were collected on a jamboard. During the ‘real’ meeting and after having heard the long versions did the partners arrange and re-arrange the last sentence sticky posts – and created own short stories. See here: