What we produce

Discover what we developed during the cooperation.
  • Descriptions of methods which were shared during two workshops of five days
  • Power. Peace. Poetry: Gender {in}justice in times of polarisation. Instead of a guideline
  • Online gallery and padlet on public spaces
  • Free style story chain
  • Collage journey
  • Video making

Method descriptions

A step forward: This workshop aims to raise awareness on the unequal distribution of opportunities in societies, and on the possible personal consequences of belonging to certain social or cultural groups; role-playing game, individual reflection, group debriefing and discussion; find the description here

Meditation & writing reflection: Short exercise to connect the group and to get the participants into the space of belonging, acceptance and creativity with a meditation and a writing reflection; find the description here

Map of Dreams and Line of life: To develop a sense of initiative, an active spirit and insight into one’s dreams and goals in life – in relation to society; find the description here

Storytelling: The objectives of the method are to help learners to understand the diversity of viewpoints, increase empathy, understand the power of perspective and find joy in difficult circumstances; find the description here

Body scan/ meditation, Automatic writing, (mindful) taking photos, filming: to encourage focus on an agreed theme, structure own thoughts and ideas in relation to the creative process of taking photographs or short videos about the agreed theme; find the description here

World café – Parental tasks and inequality: The aims are to collect and link ideas on a topic, to explore different points of view and to brainstorm in large groups; find the description here

Stella’s story: To develop self-awareness of one’s own reactions and behaviour in dealing with different points of view and values, to discover and explore one’s own value system and to develop critical thinking are the aims of the method; find the description here

Creative collage – Women in public space: The aims are to help express, to create a creative atmosphere for discussing and to help formulate a message; find the description here

Living statue – evaluation: This activity is designed to share your feelings about an activity, workshop or project. It can be used to start an evaluation session and create an open environment for sharing; find the description here

Gender {in}justice in times of polarisation. Instead of a guideline

The degree of democracy in a society is also reflected in the degree of gender {in}equality. Achieving (more) freedom and equality for all is therefore an ongoing process of democratisation. For this, it is important to understand the situation of a society, to overcome the invisibility of women and to counter discrimination in its various facets – through empowerment and strengthening of creative potentials. The text contains in Part I reflections on gender {in}justice in the horizon of war and crisis and in Part II suggestions for exercises which were developed during the Corona crisis. HERE YOU GO to the text. Zur Abhandlung in deutscher Sprache.

Public spaces: padlet and online gallery

How is it to walk through a park at night – for a women, for a men? How do women perceive public spaces? The participants of the project took pictures, wrote her own stories around and shared all via a padlet. Some chosen pictures are also published via our online gallery.

Free style story chain

Due to Corona in 2020, the project partners could not meet each other directly. They therefore decided to work on a free style story chain both at local and at transnational level. Find here a description of the method.

Our common story’s focus is on the question: How do I deal with the current situation? Find below the beginning of the transnationally composed text.

Maria checked her appearance once more. Did she seem inviting, but not seductive? Confidence-inspiring, but not naïve? Would she be able to speak well in the foreign language? She was hitchhiking, on the way to the south of Spain. Alone. A test of courage. Simone de Beauvoir and others have also done this. But women are not encouraged to do so. A few cars drove up. She decided on one man in his mid-forties. Heart palpitations. But 300 km of intense and interesting conversation followed. Literally, about God and the world. Because the gentleman was a …

During a real meeting, in Warsaw in December 2021, the colleagues presented their long version of the story. What is the result? See the combined stories. More authentic is the audio of the writers which allow to listen … Go here to discover the content.

The short version of the story chain consists of the last two sentences of each partner’s long text. They were collected on a jamboard. During the ‘real’ meeting and after having heard the long versions did the partners arrange and re-arrange the last sentence sticky posts – and created own short stories. See here:

Collage journey

Making a collage is an invitation to create something freely. While doing it, thoughts and feelings arise that sometimes make you marvel at what you are capable of. Some think first and then realise the idea. Others develop the idea while they are creating something. Making a collage together allows something new to emerge. People can meet each other in a new way.

During the Europe-wide “Lockdowns” 2020 and 2021, working on a collage offered the opportunity to combine virtual exchange with personal contact. A contact that gives a sense of the geographical distances between the partner organisations. The participants agreed on one question. Ours was: How do I cope with difficult situations (e.g. Corona crisis)? For this, adult education trainers created a collage with adult learners from their organisations. This was then submitted to the post office. Colleagues and learners from another partner organisation added their part. Until they made a journey from Warsaw to Marseille, to Berlin, to Wroclaw, to Tallinn and finally to Naas near Dublin. The result was a “Gesamtkunstwerk” (a total work of art). When everyone could see each other again, the large collage provided plenty of material for conversation. A simple method that sets something in motion.

Video making

One participant created a video about the five-day workshop in Tallinn / Estonia in April 2022. The topic was, among others, “public spaces”. The creation of the material also included editing the film sequences, adding or removing sound, stitching all together, etc.